High-rise Water Tower Could Work Wonders for Darfur

March 10, 2010 / 1 Comment

water tower for darfur High rise Water Tower Could Work Wonders for Darfur

Design firm H3AR have come up with a “skyscraper” water tower for Darfur, Sudan as their entry for the 2010 Skyscraper Competition organized by Evolo Magazine. The tower would provide surrounding areas with one of the most important assets for humanity – water. The tower will pump water from an underground lake, and supply it to people living nearby. It isn’t just a water pump and tower though, the designers have made the structure a lot more useful.

With inspiration coming from the African savanna, more specifically, from the Baobab, the tower also includes room for a treatment plant, hospital, school and a food storage. Effectively, making the tower a hub for activity rather than a standalone structure.
water tower for darfur2 High rise Water Tower Could Work Wonders for Darfur

Quite interestingly, the designers envision the tower as sustainable, with a very low carbon footprint. The construction would me mainly done through compressed bricks made of earth, cement and water. On a similar note, the heating and cooling of the tower would be handled by a water channel accessible to all users, while another water channel would cater to the kitchens and toilets inside the building.

Source: TheDesignBlog