EU Likely to Exceed Green Energy Targets for 2020

March 11, 2010 / No Comments

eu to beat its clean energy targets EU Likely to Exceed Green Energy Targets for 2020

The European Union has more or less assumed the role of a leader in green energy generation. With ongoing multiple projects for clean energy generation, it does look possible that the 27 nation block will beat its green energy generation targets for 2020, and do that by a comfortable 20% margin.

The latest forecast suggests the the EU will have 20.3% of its energy in renewables by the end of 2020. The charge is being led by the current leaders, Germany and Spain. It is expected that Spain will beat its targets by 2.7 percent, while Germany will exceed its renewable energy targets by 0.7 percent. While pushing up renewable energy generation, these nations will also cover for EU countries that are unable to reach their targets. As an example, it is believed that Italy will miss its targets by 1 percent.

A spokes person for EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger says countries missing their renewable energy targets will have to make up for the same by buying surplus clean energy from other countries, or face legal action from the commission.

Source: Reuters