Gesterbine Skyscraper Will be Covered With Wind Turbines

March 12, 2010 / 1 Comment

gesterbine skyscraper Gesterbine Skyscraper Will be Covered With Wind Turbines

The Gesterbine Skyscraper is a design entry for the 2010 Skyscraper Competition organized by Evolo Magazine. Designed by Mode:Lina Architektura and Consulting, this tower is intended for Wielkopolska region of Poland. Rapid urbanization has led to water shortage and decreasing variety of flora and fauna. A problem further magnified by the regulation of the Warta river, which has led to the riverbed being pushed by 100 kilometers.

The skyscraper design intends to combat the above mentioned problem of steppisation by using wind turbines, human kinetics and water. Wind turbines on the structure stand out and are very clearly visible. These turbines will have enough energy to supplement the grid during the day and provide power for nearby areas.

At night, when the demand for power decreases, the excess power will be used to transport river water towards small retention reservoirs. Plants could be grown around these reservoirs, that would further help in tackling the issue of steppisation.

Source: designboom