Affresol Making Modular Homes From Recycled Plastic

March 15, 2010 / No Comments

affresol plastic home Affresol Making Modular Homes From Recycled Plastic
Welsh company Affresol has announced that it will soon make available a range of new, modular homes that use recycled plastic as the primary construction material. These modular homes will supposedly not just be plastics on the exterior, but they will make use of Thermo Poly Rock (TPR), a new material developed by Affresol, which they say is low in carbon content.

It all sounds pretty impressive, the construction material is said to be stronger and lighter than concrete, while also being waterproof, fire retardant, rot-resistant and with “excellent” insulation. This construction material, or TPR is formed using recycled plastics and some minerals that undergo a patented process, that is being kept under the wraps for now.

Each house will use up nearly 18 tons of plastic waste, while the modular homes the company will put forward will use only 4 tons. Affresol claims that the modular homes will be 12% cheaper than the regulars, and could be set up within 4 days. What makes it even better, is that TPR is fully recyclable.

Source: Ecofriend