Hermit Mountains Skyscraper Blends With its Surroundings

March 17, 2010 / No Comments

hermit towers Hermit Mountains Skyscraper Blends With its Surroundings

The “Hermit Mountains” skyscraper is a design that appeared at the 2010 skyscraper competition hosted
by Evolo magazine. Designed by architects Hongjun Zhou and Lu Xiong, these skyscrapers were intended to merge with their surrounding environment, rather than stand out from it. Unconventional looks of the skyscraper are inspired from a number of sources, ranging from classical Chinese paintings of the Lijiang river landscape, and the natural and local environment.

The skyscraper would provide its inhabitants with meditation terraces, recreational park, agricultural fields and even areas fit for mountaineering. It would make urbanization of the target area less of an invasive process by ensuring that the native lifestyle would not undergo a sea change.

Voronoi patterns provide the basis of the construction of this tower, providing three dimensional patterns that make it so easy for the skyscraper to blend with the natural environment. Moreover, the design of the tower ensures that no two rooms in the building would be identical.

Source: designboom