Re:newal Tries to Make Bottled Water Look Better With Plant-Based Packing

March 19, 2010 / 3 Comments

renewal Re:newal Tries to Make Bottled Water Look Better With Plant Based Packing

The practice of using bottled water against tap water may not really be the best one, but if you have to rely on bottled water, why not go for something that’s slightly more friendlier to the environment. That is what appears to be the premise of renewal “premium spring water.”

Renewal water debuted at the Green Products Expo in New York, and features a bottle and label made from plant based materials. While common plastic bottles have their origins in crude oil, and don’t really lend themselves to biodegrading, the bioplastic used by renewal is easier to recycle and biodegradable.

Considering the sheer amount of plastic waste from bottled water that lands up in landfills every year, renewal presents an alternative that is a lot better. Of course, not likely as good as moving to tap water, but still better than sticking to those non-biodegradable bottles that just create mounds of plastic waste.