TerraPower Wants Small Scale Nuclear Reactors for Home Use

March 24, 2010 / No Comments

terrapower nuclear reactor for home use TerraPower Wants Small Scale Nuclear Reactors for Home Use

Nuclear Power is cleaner than most of the sources used conventionally to generate power, but putting up reactors in homes would require a whole lot of convincing to do. TerraPower, a startup that has some funding and backing from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, aims to create small nuclear reactors that would be acceptable, and safe for use in homes.

Toshiba has earlier tried its hand at the creating such reactors, but appears to have shelved them for the moment. TerraPower intends to get into a partnership with Toshiba for the development of the said reactors as a joint venture, and preliminary talks to the effect are already underway. TerraPower claims that its tech can run a reactor for 60 years straight, while using depleted fuel, and without a need to remove the spent fuel from the reactor.

The startup claims that its reactor will be safer, smaller and cheaper. A huge hurdle for any such development would of course be social acceptance, and the fact that even cheap nuclear reactors cannot really come “cheap.”

Source: Engadget, PSFK