Artist Upcycles old Circuit Boards Into Art

March 25, 2010 / No Comments

pcb sculptures Artist Upcycles old Circuit Boards Into Art

PCBs, or Printed Circuit Boards are present in almost every electronic device, and considering the sheer number of such devices that reach the landfill, there’s an entire mountain of circuit board to go along. They will stay on for thousands of years, adding to the huge pile of e-waste that the world is creating. Computer geek and artist Steven Rodrig is doing his bit for the environment, by salvaging some of these circuit boards, and upcycling them in to artistic forms.

Creating sculptures from these circuit boards, the artist makes “organic life forms” like insects, plants and for some part, even animals. The focus isn’t entirely on such organic life forms, the artist creates a number of aesthetically appealing sculptures, covering a range of ideas and designs.
pcb sculptures2 Artist Upcycles old Circuit Boards Into Art

There’s no word about the artist selling these creations, but that would really be an interesting way to put these old PCBs to use, plus, Steven gets to make money for his awesome work.

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