Recycled Books Transformed as Pots for Plants

March 25, 2010 / No Comments

book plant pots Recycled Books Transformed as Pots for Plants

Books have played a pivotal role in human civilization, the printed word has spread ideas and information, shaping the world we know today, and they continue to play their role. For the future, ebook readers may push “physical” books into the form of a rare item, rather than what we have today. But that still is a long way off, and as with most of the things that have such proliferation in society, even books are not immune to landing in the trash bin. Needless to say, that is a huge waste, even more so, when you can turn them into something as beautiful as these pots for plants.

Italian designer Gartenkulter has created these great looking pots for plants by recycling old books. Gartenkulter’s pots are made from discarded books, and provide a fertile base for the plants to grow. The designer removes a part of the book’s cover and pages to create a space that is filled with soil and other necessities to feed the plant. I guess feeding off ideas from books will result in plants alive with thought.

Source: Inhabitat