Rolla Missouri brings Solar Car Racing Back

March 25, 2010 / 1 Comment

Solar Car Race Rolla Missouri brings Solar Car Racing BackThink solar car racing is a thing of the future? Well, think again. This  summer on June 20th, the Missouri University of Science and Technology will host competitors in the Tulsa-to-Chicago solar car race.

The race, is only the third solar car race to visit Rolla, Missouri (MO), and only the 10th major solar car race to take place in North America.

Twenty solar car racing teams we be participating in the race and like any other car race, camaraderie will be high and sponsors will be present. The race is set to start in Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK) on June 20th and continue to Chicago, Illinois (IL), which (according to map quest) is approx 700 miles and 11 hours away.

Three days into the race, teams will depart from Jefferson City, MO and head to the S&T campus in Rolla, MO by way of a scenic route that goes around the Lake of The Ozarks and down to Lebanon before arriving in Rolla on June 23rd. This race is open to the public and will retrace parts of the Chicago-to-Los Angeles race won by Missouri S&T back in 2003.

Once in Rolla, MO, racing teams will be able to meet with fans. Missouri University will be holding a racing party on the intramural fields along U.S. 63 to mark the event and visitors will be able to view the solely sun-powered racing cars, talk to the racing teams and participate in festival activities.

map Rolla Missouri brings Solar Car Racing Back

The event is said to be fun for all ages and presents a great opportunity for the Rolla community to show off accomplishments made by Missouri S&T students (commonly known as Miners) and express pride.

This is an important environmental move by the Rolla community, because it ventures into the world of sports and shows that it is possible to enjoy car racing and reduce your environmental impact. While the stock car racing scene seems to be going green, at it’s own pace, it’s nice to see students and possible future leaders in the industry find a way to enjoy the sport and reduce energy dependence.

Hopefully stock car races will take a cue from Missouri S&T and continue to address environmental concerns and possibly go beyond using alternative fuels in racing cars.

This is a guest post by Desi Mikkel. She’s a freelance writer, musician, photographer & coder. Follow Desi on Twitter and check out her website, too.