Eco Fashion: The One Where Roadkill is Style

March 26, 2010 / 2 Comments

roadkill fashion Eco Fashion: The One Where Roadkill is Style

Here’s how the story goes; people like wearing fur, they kill animals/ get animals killed so they can wear fur, and when not doing that they are killing animals with their impressive driving skills. Okay, the last one is mostly due to accident rather than intent, but still, many animals breathe their last on the road. James Faulkner sees the use of roadkill as a much better way for fashion than the usual way of harvesting animal fur.

Faulkner makes good use of taxidermy in creating couture hats and headpieces from roadkill, rather than going the way of “farming for fashion” something, he does no agree with. Roadkill isn’t the only thing Faulkner looks out for, the enterprising designer also uses furs and feathers of rabbits or birds served for dinner by his friends.

These things, that would ultimately be trashed and rot, are given a new life by their use in fashion, plus, it saves animals from being slaughtered in the name of style.

Source: ecouterre