MIT Students Create Fuel Saving, Battery Charging Shock Absorbers

March 29, 2010 / No Comments

genshock MIT Students Create Fuel Saving, Battery Charging Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers hold the responsibility of giving you a comfortable ride without allowing irregularity of the roads to trouble you. The movement of shocks could be a source of energy for vehicles, but so far any practical applications of the same have remained elusive. That part though, shouldn’t be much of a problem with the GenShock developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology students Zack Anderson and Shakeel Avadhany.

The GenShock packs the elements of a shock absorber and a generator into a single package. These new shockers from Levant Power retain energy created by the movement of shock absorbers. The energy so “retained” can be put to a number of uses, from powering auxiliary systems like the vehicle’s radio and headlamps, to charging the battery of hybrids and electric vehicles.

It will be sometime before the tech can come to passenger vehicles. At the moment, it is geared more towards military vehicles and transport vehicles, the kind that could also handle the high costs associated with the technology. GenShock is currently undergoing 18-month long tests on a Humvee, which if successful, may see its commercial deployment.

Source: Autoblog Green