Transparent Solar Panels Capture the Sun From all Directions

March 30, 2010 / 1 Comment

sphelar solar cells Transparent Solar Panels Capture the Sun From all Directions

According to common beliefs, for solar panels to work at their best, they should be placed at an angle favorable to the sun. Also, they have to be dark to make best of the incident solar energy. Sphelar solar arrays beg to differ. These solar cells developed by Kyosemi Corporation debuted at the PV Expo 2010 in Tokyo, and claim to make the best of solar energy incident from any direction. Oh, and they are kind of transparent.

I say “kind of” because they aren’t completely transparent, the sheet they are embedded on is, but the solar cells of course don’t have that luxury. These solidified droplets of silicon are 1.8mm in diameter, and it is their round shape that makes them capable of collecting incident solar energy from all directions.

The sheet is flexible and can be curved, allowing many applications for these solar cells. They can be attached to windows, and possibly even form facades for buildings, generating a lot of energy that can be put to good use.

Source: Dvice