China Forced to use “Deodorant Guns” to Hide Stench of Landfills

March 31, 2010 / No Comments

beijing garbage problem China Forced to use Deodorant Guns to Hide Stench of Landfills

With the growth of the Chinese capital, the 17 million people living in Beijing end up producing 18,000 tons of waste every single day, most of which goes to landfills. With just 4% of the waste being recycled, the dumps that surround the city are overflowing, and with that comes the stench and health and sanitation concerns that the city is working fast to address.

For starters, the city is trying to hide the stench of the Asuwei dump by utilizing giant fragrance sprays. This is apparently an arrangement to buy time while the city prepares the requisite infrastructure to handle all that garbage.

A number of giant deodorant guns will be put into action at various landfills in China, about one hundred of which will be placed at the Asuwei dump. These high pressure guns being built in China employ German and Italian technology, and can spray dozens of liters of fragrance every minute, to a distance of 50 meters. The city also plans to put more plastic layers on the dumps to bring the stench problem under control.

Source: Guardian, GreenMuze