First Portable Wind Energy Harvester Arrives on the Scene

March 31, 2010 / No Comments

humdinger wind energy generator First Portable Wind Energy Harvester Arrives on the Scene

Wind Turbines mostly are gigantic structures and while their usefulness cannot be refuted, the world would be a happier place if they gave up their huge form and became something much smaller and portable. So far, any attempts to make wind power portable have met with little success, but the developments made by Humdinger Wind Energy LLC may help change things a bit.

The tiny generator has been created to power tiny wireless sensors that serve a variety of purposes and finally relay information. While they may be allowed to run on batteries, the sheer number of such sensors requires a better approach.

Humdinger’s wind power generator uses aeroelastic flutter and vibration of a membrane to generate power, relying on the piezoelectric effect. The system, called MicroBelt claims to be ten times more efficient than similar systems. Power generation begins at wind speed of just 3 meters/second, and reaches 2mW for wind speed of 5.5m/s. Which should probably be enough to power tiny sensors.

Source: Ecofriend