Citibank Gets Named America’s Greenest Bank

April 1, 2010 / No Comments

citibank greenest american bank Citibank Gets Named Americas Greenest Bank

Citibank has its name in the green zone with the title of America’s Greenest Bank. This comes with the bank’s intelligent savings in terms of energy usage. Over the past years, Citi has been working on consolidating its data centers. They have reduced the number of data centers from 52 to 24 over the past five years, out of these, three centers have LEED certification.

All this amounts to huge savings in powering servers and keeping them cool. The intelligent IT solution has shaved off 300 tons from Citi’s carbon footprint. The bank intends to keep up with its reputation, and by the end of this year, each employee of Citigroup will have energy efficient desktops and laptops.

As TreeHugger points out, this would mean an introduction of nearly 300,000 PCs and Laptops. While energy savings that come from these new machines sure are welcome, it is equally important to ensure that the older ones are properly dealt with, rather than ending up as ewaste.

Source: TreeHugger