Future Flower Highlights the Ills of Pollution

April 7, 2010 / No Comments

A large metallic flower, self-powering as it may be, does not really come across as the best choice to highlight the issues of pollution. In a way, it looks like it fell for the same ills it sought to combat. That said, the 14-meter high metallic flower is a part of the Widnes Waterfront environmental uplift program that seeks to cleanup the polluted river Mersey waterfront in Cheshire, UK.
future flower Future Flower Highlights the Ills of Pollution
Beneath the triangular and pentagon shaped petals of the flower that are made of perforated galvanized steel, are 60 LED lights that are powered by the wind. As the wind blows at speeds above 5 miles an hour, the three wind turbines attached to the flower’s stem gather up the energy to power the LEDs.

There is no denying that the flower looks good when the lights come on, and the steel petals really add an interesting side, the only green side to this flower is possibly the environmental awareness that it will (hopefully) create.
future flower2 Future Flower Highlights the Ills of Pollution
Source: Dezeen