Artist Creates Tiny Wonders of Nature

April 8, 2010 / No Comments

Nature is full of wonders and landscapes that are pleasing to the eye. Just like the ones displayed in these pictures, the difference is that the “landscapes” in these pictures aren’t real, and they are just tiny miniatures created by a very talented artist.miniature landscapes 1 Artist Creates Tiny Wonders of Nature

Artist Matthew Albanese creates these miniatures with a strong resemblance to the real world, and then uses his skills with the camera to capture photographs that make these miniatures seem alive. He uses simple materials like cotton and steel wool for clouds, tile grout for distant mountains, faux fur for flowing waves of grain and even table salt to create a waterfall.

Creating the miniatures is only half of the work, Albanese then uses a number of photographic techniques for the final result. It is amazing how he manages to build such complex models with simple materials and the effort really is worth being lauded.

Source: TreeHugger