GE’s LED Bulb Ready for Action

April 12, 2010 / 3 Comments

GE has announced an LED bulb that is ready for action and will likely dim the heat on incandescent bulbs. The bulb in question is scheduled for availability later this year, and will be as bright as the conventional 40 Watt incandescent bulb. It will however, consume just 9 Watts of power.
ge led light bulb GEs LED Bulb Ready for Action
This joint project from Cree and GE makes LED lighting a lot more practical. The bulbs can go into conventional sockets, making a shift towards LEDs easier. Design of the bulb manages to look weird, but those “things” covering the bulb are GE’s design to make the light from LEDs go in all directions. LEDs can be fairly unidirectional, and tend to focus light on a spot. The finger-like appendages help the bulb send light in all directions.

GE says that the bulb contains no mercury and can go on for 17 years, given a usage of four hours everyday. While that works out pretty well, what doesn’t sound good is the $50 price tag these bulbs will carry.

Source: Ecogeek, Dvice