Robot Nomadic Plant Feeds Off Polluted Water

April 12, 2010 / No Comments

It appears plants are turning into cyborgs, well, they do seem to have picked up a thing about movement. The work of Mexican artist Gilberto Esparza, these Nomadic Plants or Planta Nomada has robotic legs to help it move.nomadic plant 1 Robot Nomadic Plant Feeds Off Polluted Water

This plant-machine hybrid gets energy from a microbial fuel cell. Microbes at work to generate electricity for the robo legs to remain in action do need some nourishment, so when the need arises, the plant simply seeks out water from the polluted Lerma Santiago River in Mexico.
nomadic plant 2 Robot Nomadic Plant Feeds Off Polluted Water

The water is sucked in through a tube, that sets the microbes feeding, and some portion is also sent to the plant sitting atop the robot legs. The cyborg plant is on display at the LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre in Gijon, Spain, where it will hopefully make a nice statement about nature and conservation. It does deserve appreciation for the sheer mechanical prowess and cool concept.

Source: cnet