SAIC’s YeZ Concept Uses CO2, Has Oxygen Emissions!

April 12, 2010 / No Comments

SAIC is best known to many as General Motor’s JV partner in China, and the automaker has displayed its design prowess with the EN-V concepts, and now, with the outlandish YeZ concept. Displayed as a design at the Shanghai World Expo, the 2030 YeZ takes environment friendliness to new levels.
saic yez concept1 SAICs YeZ Concept Uses CO2, Has Oxygen Emissions!
The concept has a leaf-like rooftop covered in solar cells, and tiny windmills or wind turbines in the wheels that generate energy . It also generates energy from the unlikeliest of fuels, CO2. YeZ pulls off a leaf from the plant life, and uses a photosynthesis-like process to take in Carbon dioxide, give out Oxygen, and generate energy to keep the vehicle moving.

Energy from all these sources is sent to a battery that supplies power for the vehicle. There is nothing to say how practical and efficient the concept is, or even how it manages to pull off the photosynthesis-like process. The concept exists purely as an idea, of the form transportation may take in the future, and is quite far off from reality.

Source:, Automotto