Artist Grows Manga Veggies

April 13, 2010 / No Comments

Popular and entertaining as mangas might be, those comics do end up in the recycle bin at some point of time, no matter how hard you try to save your collection. Tokyo-based Japanese artist Koshi Kawachi thought of a better way, and put mangas to use as a gardening medium.
manga farming1 Artist Grows Manga Veggies
For the effort, a stack was piled up and secured in place by the use of rubber bands. The artist then soaked the stack with water and sprinkled seeds over it, turning the stack of mangas into somewhat of a pot for plants.

The wonderful piece of art that this Manga Farming is, it is on display at the Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya, Japan. Art it is, but the crop of radish sprouts from the mangas makes one think of the ingenuity of the artist, and the uses stacks of stationary can be put to. Also, as TreeHugger points out, this could be one thing those phone books are good for.

Source: PinkTentacle, TreeHugger