Puma Gives up Wasteful Packaging in Favor of Eco-friendly Packages

April 13, 2010 / No Comments

We have written many times about how wasteful packaging is, and how tons of boxes that are perfectly good for reuse end up in landfills. Apparently, Puma has found a solution to this problem, and the company will soon bid farewell to wasteful packaging and do away with old-fashioned shoe boxes in favor of a modern, eco-friendly packaging.
puma shoe packaging Puma Gives up Wasteful Packaging in Favor of Eco friendly Packages
Scheduled for deployment in the second half of next year, the packaging would save nearly 8,500 tons of paper. Not only that, use of water and electricity for the production process and transportation will be reduced by 60 percent.

The new packaging will put shoes in cardboard frames wrapped in reusable shoe bags. Puma’s move also deserves appreciation due to the fact that the company is unlikely to make substantial financial savings from the new packaging. It may even prove to be more expensive in the short term, though the company does hope for gains in the longer run.

Source: FuseProject, Reuters