Waste Bottles Turn Into Building Material for EcoARK

April 14, 2010 / No Comments

Taipei’s EcoARK pavilion isn’t just a good looking structure, it is an environmentally friendly and intriguing design as well. The building material used for the construction of the pavilion is Polli Bricks, which is somewhat of a fancy word for discarded PET bottles.
ecoark 1 Waste Bottles Turn Into Building Material for EcoARK
EcoARK is a three level exhibition house commissioned by the Far Eastern Group, which intends to donate the structure to the Taipei city government. Constructed using 1.5 million plastic bottles, the structure puts up a strong look of reuse and upcycling.

Polli Bricks are made using recycled PET bottles arranged in an interlocking shape. When numerous such bricks are put together, they form a honeycomb structure. Not only is the resulting structure lightweight, it is also structurally strong.

These translucent bricks allow natural light to reach the interiors of the structure. EcoARK is nearly 130 meters long, but the structure is entirely deconstructable, which makes it somewhat “portable” because it can be moved to another location.

Source: JetsonGreen