DARPA has Plans for a Flying, Transforming Car

April 15, 2010 / No Comments

DARPA is no stranger to quirky projects, and their “Transformer TX” program isn’t far off the mad science mark, though we must concede that it sounds quiet awesome. To be precise, the program intends to create a military vehicle, a car that would be able to fly and have some “Transformer” capabilities.
darpa transformer tx DARPA has Plans for a Flying, Transforming Car
The car that appears to come straight from sci-fi will be nearly equal in length to two Hummers placed together, and since the desired range is 250 miles, it will likely possess an hybrid electric drive. Ducted tilt-rotor fans similar to those seen in Avatar are also being considered.

According to the specifications, the vehicle will vertical take-off capabilities, handling like an off-roading SUV on the ground, while the flying would be something like a single engine aircraft capable of reaching a height of 10,000 feet.

The car could be driven manually, but it will also be able to carry out unmanned missions. This may all sound far fetched, but DARPA plans to have a working prototype by 2015.

Source: Popsci, Inhabitat