Micro-Kitty: World’s First Solar Powered Sex Toy

April 21, 2010 / 4 Comments

The multi-billion dollar sex toy industry has flushed the market with personal pleasure seeking devices that have little or nothing to do with eco-friendliness. There’s good news for eco-conscious consumers who have lamented this lacking until now. Micro-Kitty has injected a green wave into the sex toy industry by becoming the first solar powered vibrator.Solar Powered sex toy Micro Kitty: Worlds First Solar Powered Sex Toy

The strap-on clitoral vibrator is made of silicone instead of phthalate that have been banned from use in children’s toys as well. The device abandons the use of batteries and gets powered by sun or artificial light which lets the juice flowing for up to two and half hours. Sure, Micro-Kitty is a pretty pleasurable way to go green.

Via: PR Web

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