First ever piezoelectric shower for hot steamy bath

April 27, 2010 / No Comments

What lends the first ever Piezo shower futuristic viability is its innovative design and use of piezoelectricity to let out a hot steamy shower. Made by a team of cross continental designers from Mexico, Finland and Germany, the shower uses the energy of flowing water alone to heat it instead of using any external heating source.shower11 First ever piezoelectric shower for hot steamy bathThe piezo shower’s tubing’s have been embedded with a circuit of Piezoelectric nano-wires – that generate electricity from the friction that is created when water is allowed to pass by these wires. Futuristically appealing organic design which takes inspiration from complex vein structure serves a dual purpose. Apart from enhancing aesthetic appeal the design also helps maximize the surface area for water heating process.
This piezoelectricity also powers a waterproof touch screen controller which apart from regulating water temperature and pressure also counts the number of minutes you’ve been in the shower and the amount of water used.

Via: MocoLoco