Scientists pressure cooking micro-algae into bio-fuel for greener economy

April 27, 2010 / No Comments

The outlook for the bio-fuel market worldwide seems cheerfully optimistic with new ways to produce the eco-friendly fuel, regularly hitting the headlines. Several types of algae have been widely explored as a viable source for bio-fuel in the last few decades, however if this one becomes a success then we could soon have farmers growing microalgae to produce bio-fuel instead of cash crops.

algae11 Scientists pressure cooking micro algae into bio fuel for greener economyThe scientists at University of Michigan are working on ways to pressure cooking micro algae into carbon neutral bio-fuel. The process involves the usage of a microalgae soup which is heated to 300 degrees and then cooked for 30-60 minutes to produce crude bio-fuel. Carbon neutral does not mean that there won’t be any carbon emission. They would still be releasing carbon, however, since they too took carbon-dioxide out of the atmosphere at some or the other point of time, the net effect is zero movement of carbon dioxide to or from the atmosphere.

Anyhow, bio-fuels are a boon for greener economy and a great alternative source for fossil based fuel.

Via: CleanTechnica