M55 EVO-001 luxury electric bike for deep pockets

April 28, 2010 / No Comments

You’ll have to be biking freak with deep pockets to get a hold on this M55 EVO-001 aptly tipped-off as the luxurious “Ferrari of electric bikes.” To you, if the word luxury stands for sleekness and lighter than air looks, then mind you, this bike is quite the opposite.

m55 electric bike11 M55 EVO 001 luxury electric bike for deep pocketsDonning a mountain bike heavy look, M55 EVO-001 is available in two versions: a street version with a 250W motor, centrally-mounted, and an off-road version with a much more powerful motor, at 1300W. The off-road version model can reach speeds of up to 43mph, with five motor speeds and 14 gears. Speed means that the faster you pedal, the faster the bike moves.
So if you are impressed and taken by the bikes Ferrari like credentials, then be prepared to dig deep and be the first in the line for there’ll be only 250 units made.

Via: UberGizmo

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