US gives green thumb-up to its first offshore wind farm at Cape Cord

April 28, 2010 / No Comments

For a change US is heading offshore, not for oil but for its first wind farm. After years of legal wrangling the Obama Administration has finally inched closer towards establishing its first offshore wind farm, off Cape Cod.
The 130 turbine Cape Cod wind farm which gets operational by 2012 aims to eventually supply three-quarters of the power on Cape Cod, with a population of 225,000 residents.

Image US gives green thumb up to its first offshore wind farm at Cape Cord

The US has remained woefully behind other world countries in terms of tapping its offshore renewable energy sources primarily due to high cost and several technological challenges in constructing wind farms. However, the US energy department now hopes to turn the tide. It now envisions offshore wind farms accounting for 4 percent of the country’s electric generating capacity by 2030.

As the critics continue to oppose the wind farm on aesthetic and environmental grounds, this is good news, at least we can hope to see more of wind farms instead of oil rigs offshore. [via: Huffingtonpost]