Sustainable bio-plastic ready reshape food industry

April 29, 2010 / No Comments

Over the years algae has proven its potential use for the bio-fuel industry and now it’s’ all ready to confirm its usability for the bio-plastic manufacturing as well. Cereplast Algae Plastics is ready to hit the market with sustainable bio-plastics by the end this year.

Algae Sustainable bio plastic ready reshape food industry

Cereplast expects its algae bio-plastic to replace 50% or more of the petroleum content in conventional plastics, with a particular emphasis on single-use applications in the food industry. Compostable bio-plastic, such as the one made from algae, can give a huge boost to this industry. With more and more people considering an alternative to petroleum-based plastics, use of algae based bio-plastic in the production of bottles, cosmetic containers and also for food storage will make a huge difference.

Among other benefits, extensive use of algae will also lead to the possibility of establishing large scale sitting carbon-consuming algae “farms” where they can neutralize greenhouse gas emissions from factories or power plants. [via: Cleantechnica]