DIY means to collect water using rainwater cistern

May 6, 2010 / 1 Comment

It makes little sense to let the rainwater drain especially when you are living in a region with perpetual water shortage but receives ample downpour. Rainwater harvesting could help resolve your water shortage problems, and all that you need to do is install a rainwater cistern.

cistern DIY means to collect water using rainwater cistern

Purchase a cistern from a whole variety of range available in the market, keeping in mind, your surroundings and climatic conditions. Get it installed at a place in your home that ensures optimum water collection besides being cool. You may drain out the water from the cistern using a pipe connected to it or else do it manually in case there’s none.

The cistern can be used for various purposes from minor to major. It can be used to water plants, wash your car, and even use it for drinking. Not just that one can also make it a primary water supply source by connecting cisterns to water pipes.

Via: DIY-Guides