Underwater Kite feeds on tidal energy to generate power

May 7, 2010 / 2 Comments

Ever new means are being devised to generate renewable energy harnessing ocean’s power in its varied manifestations. Only yesterday we brought to you NASA’s deep dive robot SOLO-TREC that feeds on ocean’s heat to enable its deep sea maneuverings. Today, it is “Deep Green” which exploits tidal wave energy to generate power.kite Underwater Kite feeds on tidal energy to generate power

Developed by Swedish start-up Minesto, the ‘underwater kite’ functions beneath the surface of the ocean. It comprises of a turbine fastened to a wing and a rudder that are strapped to the ocean floor using a 100 meter long cable. The turbine can generate 500 KW of power by capturing energy from tidal waves. According to Minesto, the kites’ small size comprising 12 meters wingspan and one meter for the turbine – and the ability to operate efficiently under low current velocity conditions, at greater depths, gives it a relative advantage over other tidal-energy designs.

With trials expected to begin by 2011, the commercial model for “Deep Green” will only be available within four years.

Via: CNN