Anyone for an eco-friendly wedding dress, that dissolves in water

May 11, 2010 / 1 Comment

Skeptical about just how well this idea would go down with women who prefer clutching to their wedding gowns for entire lives as a symbolic garment. Fashion and engineering students at the Sheffield Hallam University have developed a wedding dress, which could be transformed into five new fashion pieces.

.dress11 Anyone for an eco friendly wedding dress, that dissolves in water

The wedding dress, to be featured in a forthcoming exhibition called sustainable marriage, has been prepared using an eco-friendly material called polyvinyl alcohol. This biodegradable substance, knitted within the fabric of the dress material enables the garment, to be readily dissolved in water once it has been worn. The students who designed the dress are all for throwaway fashion. They want to challenge the conventional attitudes and practices, which according to them are detrimental for the environment.

Many may not fancy the design, but this blending of art and technology can help in reducing the fashion’s impact on environment.

Via: Fashioningtech