Bio-Grow uses e-waste to produce bio-fuel for future cars

May 12, 2010 / No Comments

No need to worry anymore about ways to dispose off your electronic waste especially computers because now you can use it grow bio-fuel. Students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have created Bio-Grow, an algae bio-reactor.biogrow11 Bio Grow uses e waste to produce bio fuel for future cars

The device is made of old computer electronic parts to cultivate algae. Bio-reactor basically encourages photosynthesis, the chemical reaction that happens in plants, which uses sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into sugar. Its’ various components include side panels from an Apple G4 CPU tower for the incubating tank which also has a water pump, that aerates the algae and provides it with the maximum exposure to sunlight. PVC pipes for structural reinforcement and high density foam for insulation and stability. The team used an Apple iMac CRT to emit the light and heat which the algae needs to grow. Along with that a modified Dell Latitude CPX laptop has also been used to control and adjust the temperature and required light spectrums generated by the iMac CRT.

According to the team, the algae growers will have to take the harvested algae to a gas company that was set up with an oil filtration facility and get credit off their gas. They hope this project will bring bio-fuel down to the household level, which would drive up production and lower costs.

Via: Treehugger