Stylish Potenza promises an eco-friendly city ride

May 14, 2010 / No Comments

Each day we come across new designs and technologies that promise to make commutation lot easier for us in the future. Designed by Nicolás A. Jara, Potenza an innovative four- wheeled vehicle too reassures us with the same.potenza Stylish Potenza promises an eco friendly city ride

Two aspects draw your attention towards Potenza. Firstly, its’ operational part for which, Potenza exploits human energy. The vehicle, transforms the physical energy into kinetic energy. To that extent the vehicle is environmentally friendly and does emit pollute by emitting toxic emissions. Secondly, in design Potenza is stylishly contemporaneous in looks with a retractable windshield that can be lifted, incorporated with the design. Potenza is undoubtedly fulfills the need for a personal commute that is eco-friendly and minimal on carbon footprint which at the same time also ensures certain amount of physical exercise to help maintain our health.

Via: Tuvie