Ultra weight Paper-Feet, sustainable sandals cost next to nothing

May 14, 2010 / 1 Comment

Eco-friendly fashion accessories are a rage these days, and if you could not afford one just because it cost a pretty penny, then here is your chance. Designer Jimmy Tomczak’ has designed the stylish Paper Feet sandals from recycled material, and cost next to nothing.paperfeet Ultra weight Paper Feet, sustainable sandals cost next to nothing

The barely -more-than-barefoot shoes were brought to fruition after the designer realized the existence of all sorts of strange and usable recycled products that were waiting to be crafted into beautiful pair of sandals. After trying unsuccessfully with Tyvek envelopes designer Jimmy tried his hand with recycled billboard vinyl. L o and behold! this led to creation of a stylish pair of ultra-lightweight, portable shoe stuff with remarkable flexibility and toughness. Come this summer and you can lay your hands on a wonderful pair of Paper-Feet for between $5–15. A second version according to Tomczak will include sandals made of slim rubber soles.

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