Eco bench made from recycled material generates electricity

May 17, 2010 / 1 Comment

This design somehow conjures the image of a semi circular moon shaped prop popularly used by stars to touch down on the stage in theatrical world. However, ecO-Bench is no mean prop. In fact, its’ futuristic street lighting furniture thoroughly soaked in green bearings.

ecobench Eco bench made from recycled material generates electricity

Designer Steven Ma has artistically played with curves to produce an elegant form that is multifunctional to the core. The bench has been framed from recycled material such as bio-Aluminum which is 100% recycled aluminum from redundant aircrafts. While its usage lends strength to the design, the use of bio-glass, which is again wholly recycled and contains no additives or colorants, makes it even more sustainable. The bench also has an in built water collector and filter for plant life. Other than that, the bench’s top lighting surface has four lighting channels that are embedded with thin solar films on the top surface and generate electricity which is stored for lighting purpose in the night.

Via: eVolo