Futuristic hydrogen powered aircraft specializes in vertical take-off

May 17, 2010 / No Comments

This is an amazingly clever design concept aimed at removing one of the biggest hurdles that stand in our way of applying vertical take-off and landing to commercial aircrafts. With his Airbus A350H airliner, one particular designer Victor Uribe has tried ridding VTOL aircrafts off their extremely inefficient and heavy, smaller payloads and greater fuel needs reputationairline11 Futuristic hydrogen powered aircraft specializes in vertical take off

Airbus A350H airliner has been specifically designed keeping in mind the fast catching space constraints and the need to fly green. Uribe plays with aerodynamics at his best. The elegantly designed form with its many curves is inspired from dolphin to achieve high speed with minimum effort. What makes the aircraft more environmentally friendly is the use of cryogenic hydrogen synthesized from water. The fuel is pumped into the awaiting jets as they lay perched atop the runways. Come 2050 and center of Frankfurt shall bid final goodbye to conventional airports as we see hydrogen powered aircrafts making vertical take-offs.

Via: Dvice/ Tuvie