Solar Powered eco-tower for hotter climes

May 17, 2010 / No Comments

Building solar powered skyscrapers makes all the sense when you have leading scientists making claims about half of the earth becoming uninhabitable by 2050 due to rise in temperatures. The sustainable tower by Kenneth Kole and Michelle Lim meets up the necessity just in case the planet heated up more than it already has.tower1111 Solar Powered eco tower for hotter climes

The tower, which is an urban prototype of solar powered towers’, has an entire façade enveloped with thin membrane of solar cells, which help generate power for interior uses. The building has a hollow core that acts as a stack to draw hot air up and out of the building, while drawing cool air in from the bottom. Spiraling around the core are the mixed-use areas – residential, office, gardens, farms, open space, etc. The collected rainwater is stored in an underground cistern to be later used throughout the vertical community. A continuous ramp winding up the tower with low, medium and high density residential units attached has open air spaces all along that draw in air for natural ventilation as well. Other than that, the skyscraper presents a fantastic example for vertical farming as well.

Via: eVolo