MIT designed aircraft cuts fuel consumption to just 1/3 of the normal

May 18, 2010 / No Comments

It seems as if a wave of technological and scientific advancements is all set to revolutionize the aviation industry worldwide. After daily news snippets, citing one or the other breakthrough in the field, its researchers from MIT, that is once again riding the wave.airaraft MIT designed aircraft cuts fuel consumption to just 1/3 of the normal

Unveiling their latest engineering feat in response to a task assigned by NASA on redesigning the subsonic commercial aircraft, MIT team has come up with an airplane that uses 70% less fuel than conventional aircraft and produces lesser noise and nitrogen oxide emissions. The new D-series of planes, referred to as the “double bubble”, has been designed to resolve two major problems looming in front of the aviation industry, firstly, the need to reduce fuel consumption and secondly to address the air traffic problem. The team has applied latest technological advances to reduce fuel consumption which include thinner longer wings and a smaller tail and engine placement at the rear of the plane instead of on the wings.

Designed with an aim to completely transform the existing aviation industry, the D-series is a 180 passenger aircraft that is meant to replace the domestic 737 market. NASA expects the design to take flight in 2035.

Via: Inhabitat / MIT News