China Park: Chinese style ecologically friendly future city

May 25, 2010 / No Comments

Only time can tell whether Gu Wenda’s China Park could one day become Chinese equivalent to New York’s Central Park, or not. The very fact that a thoughtful soul came forward with an idea of growing a green paradise in the center of a Chinese city suffocated with concrete and polluting vehicles gives respite.

china China Park: Chinese style ecologically friendly future city

Internationally renowned for his artwork, Gu Wenda’s China Park is a part of large scale Green Calligraphy Landscape Art Project which apart from being a considerate reflection on environmental issues within China offers a blueprint for an ecologically-friendly future city with a low carbon lifestyle. The outlay inspired by Chinese Calligraphy proposes a garden lush with natural evergreen trees and artificial ponds all in the shape of Chinese Calligraphic characters. The concept represents Chinese style of combining gardening and architecture in a functional way while at the same time calling for a greener environment. Gu Wenda’s concept model is currently on display at Shanghai Pujiang Overseas Chinese Town. He hopes that it would someday be used as a residential community or for commercial purposes.”

Via: Xinhuanet/ Ecofriend