110-year-old Folk-Victorian home gets transformed into an energy neutral house

May 26, 2010 / No Comments

Renovating an old home is a demanding task, especially if you were aiming at remodeling a century old Victorian home along greener lines while at the same time preserving its historical legacy. Green Restoration expert Matt Grocoff accomplished just that to create an energy neutral home.

victorian 110 year old Folk Victorian home gets transformed into an energy neutral house

Matt Grocoff, the green renovation expert for Old House Web refurbished his Victorian purchase replete with lead paint, asbestos siding, zero insulation and even an old gas powered lawn mower with some highly practical green preservation techniques that we only read about but never make an effort to apply one. These simple measures included replacement of old light sockets with compact fluorescents bulbs and motion sensors to switch them off automatically just in case someone forgot and plunking out the old flush to make way for a new Caroma Dual Flush Toilet, that only uses .8 gallons every flush.  With solar panels on the roof and a backyard with bore drillings to exploit geothermal energy, the Grocoff’s also, keep an account of their energy usage through Watt Vision Google Power Meter.

While much more greening remains to be done at Matt Grocoff’s home we hope many of us begin the doing same for “The Green Revolution Begins at Home”.

Thanks Maureen Porter!

Via: OldHouseWeb