PC-Aero’s zero emissions electric airplane recharges underneath solar hangar

May 27, 2010 / No Comments

While all electric vehicles have already become a road reality with newer energy, efficient additions made every day, how about an all-electric plane that glides green through the skies to your choicest destinations.PC Aero PC Aero’s zero emissions electric airplane recharges underneath solar hangar

Taking the future of leisure aviation to the next step, PC- Aero is designing Elektra One, an emission free electric aircraft. Elektra One is a one seater attractively designed, light- weight plane with carbon composite structure. It features top-notch batteries, electric motors and solar cells, which result is an emission free aircraft, with lesser noise pollution and reduced operational costs. Elektra One is an easy to fly plane that can remain air-borne for three hours on single charge, which thereafter must return to its specially devised solar hangar dubbed the Green Village Airfield, for solar charging. PC- Aero presented Elektra One for the first time at the AERO 2010 in Friedrichshafen, with two- and four-seat aircrafts– Elektra Two and Elektra Four, to follow later and complete the family.

Via: PC-Aero / Inhabitat