Water recycling is fun with beautiful Emscher Community Garden

May 31, 2010 / 1 Comment

Most of us would equate Community Park with recreation replete with athletic fields, swimming pools and other special entertaining features. How about a Community Park that awakens us to what is out of sight and thus out of mind? Rotterdam and Paris architects Ooze in collaborated with artist Marjetica Potrc have created a community garden, which is also a water treatment plant on an island in Essen, Germany.

watere Water recycling is fun with beautiful Emscher Community Garden

Called the Emscher Community Garden the park collects rainwater, wastewater, and water from the adjacent Emscher Rivert and Rhine-Herne Canal. The main elements of the architecture for water supply and treatment installation include are two toilets located above the Emscher River, constructed wetlands, and a rainwater-harvesting roof to clean liquid. Apart from drinking, the water treated by the plant also irrigates land thereby aiding local food production. Other than show casing sustainable practices related to water conservation the park also has a role to play in the wider denaturation project aimed at restoring the highly polluted Emscher River, elevated above the nearby towns, which have sunk because of mining activity in the previous century.

Via: Inhabitat

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