Energy harvesting kites to generate 1 MW of electricity

June 1, 2010 / No Comments

Just a few days back we wrote about researchers at University of California claiming to meet the energy needs of entire planet through sailing ships harvesting ocean wind energy. The pursuit to develop to cleaner greener sources of energy is raising the bar higher and higher for all in the fray. A California based high altitude Wind Company Makani Power is looking forward to generating 1 MW of electricity using what, a KITE.

energy Energy harvesting kites to generate 1 MW of electricity

The very nature of the project makes it look like a wind turbine vs. energy harvesting kite match in which the latter emerges as a definite winner. The whole plan aims at harvesting energy by flying large winged kites through high altitudes wind currents, which have the highest level of energy per square foot something, which conventional wind turbines cannot achieve given their limited height. The kites would be flown at an altitude of 600m using robots, which would help keep the kites remain afloat over longer periods. According to the company, by capturing even a small fraction of the global high altitude wind energy it would be possible to supply the current energy needs of the entire planet.

Via: GreenLaunches