Toy Cars Run On Hand Generators

July 5, 2010 / No Comments

Here’s some exciting news for parents who are concerned with going green, but find it difficult to do so and satisfy a child’s desire for gadgets that run on batteries! A new racing car set is out, that operates without batteries, or being hooked up to a power source – instead you generate its power with your own two hands.

Hand Powered Car Racing Toy Toy Cars Run On Hand Generators

The cars are visually and mechanically like any other racing car set that is available on the toy market. The hand generators, however, are what make it absolutely unique. The set is that of a two player racing car game – complete with track set, two cars, and two hand generators. Some reviews of the set, say that it is the very absence of battery powered motion that adds to the excitement of playing it. To make the car move, the player has to wind the handle on the controller.

This makes the generator inside the unit to turn this kinetic energy into electricity, which makes the car move. The interesting thing is that the faster the handle is turned, the faster the car moves. This adds a totally unique dimension to the world of racing cars, making it an experience that is closer to activating a real car than what you experience if the cars were battery operated.

The set is priced at £39.95 – this is for a thirty piece combination of track layout options. No longer do kids have to worry about the battery running down, or a power outage spoiling play. What’s more, the hand cranked energy raises their excitement levels to new highs!