Re-using Construction Rubble To Make New Bricks

July 6, 2010 / No Comments

Designers Younwoo Park, Hoyoung Lee and Miyeon Kim have come up with a novel idea. They have created a small robotic machine that will recycle construction rubble to be transformed into new usable construction material. How it works is that the machine, tentatively called ‘Return brick’ searches for debris and fragments of concrete and brick from rubble, grinds these up and creates new pieces of building material.

Return Brick 1 Re using Construction Rubble To Make New Bricks

Definitely ecologically friendly – because it recycles and reuses and also because it would keep this material from entering landfills and choking the earth. The new bricks that are produced, reportedly are Lego- like in appearance and are easier to stack and build, having sharper, better defined edges than the traditional brick.

According to statistics, brick and concrete account for 89% of construction waste. This is a staggering amount of potentially recyclable material. If return Brick becomes a large scale reality on construction sites, this discarded material would be sucked into the machine, broken down into smaller bits, and water or alternative hardening agent would be sprayed onto the minute pieces. Then the compressor in the machine would form the powdered mash into the shape of a brick and hand it back to be used.

Return Brick 2 Re using Construction Rubble To Make New Bricks

The similarity to a Lego block comes from the bricks having connectivity with each other through pegs and holes. According to the data received, the new brick actually gives the same structural stability as conventional bricks, but with lesser material being used to create it. This idea is likely to revolutionize the world of building, being able to constructively tackle sites that have at the receiving end of natural disasters – making the task of rebuilding such areas much easier, and faster.

(Via Inhabitat)