Samsung Unveils New Eco-friendly LCD Monitor

July 9, 2010 / No Comments

ledmonitorsamsung1 Samsung Unveils New Eco friendly LCD Monitor

 Electronics giant Samsung, is making strides into the green area with their new LCD monitors – an eco-friendly alternative to usual LCD monitors that they produce. The company’s 30 and 50 series monitors have low power LED backlights.

 The technology that Samsung is using – called Touch of Color- have no volatile organic compounds – including glues, paints or sprays. This makes the step of recycling these monitors a little easier and safer. The monitors have a ‘Magic Eco’ option, which allows that user to change the monitor’s brightness according to the energy it is consuming – made possible with pre-set energy reducing options.

 Sources at the company say that these LED displays contain hardly any substances that are proven to be dangerous to the environment – no mercury, lead, and what’s more, power consumption is 40% lesser than what the usual monitor would consume.

 The company says the monitors meet international energy standards – including the Energy Star 5.0 ; the 50 series meets China’s Energy Level 1 grade. The price of the monitors is yet to be announced. The 50 series comes in a charcoal grey design that is called the ‘Touch of Color’ and the 30 series is in a color touted as the color of rich, handcrafted chocolate – ‘Mystic brown’

 (via TheInquirer)