The R-House – Excellence In Passive Design

July 12, 2010 / No Comments

Home owners who feel strongly about having a ‘green’ home now have one more reason to celebrate! R-House, which completely meets passive energy standards, now stands as a testament to the fact that you do not have to compromise on your ‘green’ ideals to have a well insulated home.

RHouse The R House – Excellence In Passive Design

Designed by Della Valle Bernheimer in collaboration with the Architecture Research Office, R-House is a prototype that was designed specifically to be economical and practical. The design won Syracuse University’s competition ‘From the Ground Up’ – an initiative to revitalize the housing in the Near Westside neighborhood that is now in shambles.

R-house proudly serves as a model for affordable and sustainable residential abodes, is well-insulated, with an airtight exterior, efficient re-circulating of heating/ventilation and windows that are designed to enhance solar gain. The house demonstrates how innovative ideas can be successfully translated into reality to make an affordable passive house work well in a cold climate. It sets a new standard for houses that function in the net-zero/minimum energy consumption bracket.

Interior spaces are large and light and the energy required to heat it is equivalent to that consumed by a hair dryer. This prototype can be tweaked with to tailor-make homes depending on the families’ needs. Affordability and sustainability working in tandem with such high standards of energy efficiency and insulation make this a definite value addition to a neighborhood in dire straits. The R-Home seems to be the prefect answer to their prayers.

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